A visit to the Cantine Surrau and Capichera

Vermentino, Carignano and Cannonau

In the Arzachena's territory is the famous Costa Smeralda Smeralda, full of typical Mediterranean plants, such mastic, juniper and wild olive tree.

A visit to the Cantine Surrau and Capichera

In the Arzachena's territory is the famous Costa Smeralda Smeralda, full of typical Mediterranean plants, such mastic, juniper and wild olive tree, rocks shaped by nature and beautiful bays and beaches. The first settlement traces dating back to the Roman Turibulum Minor's period, and until the nineteenth century, consisted only of a group of houses clustered around the Santa Maria's Church, dedicated to the Madonna della Neve.

Everything here is inspired by the typical local houses, the buildings are able to fit perfectly between the rocks and vegetation along the coast. The inhabited center has a very characteristic structure due to the local materials use such as pink granite.


The most important wineries are: Vigne Serrau and Cantina Capichera.

Vigne Surrau is a young company with an old soul: tradition in the selection of varieties to grow, such as the famous Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Carignano and Muristellu, but innovation in winemaking that is made with avant-garde equipment and experimentation with wine, such as the Vermentino's and Cannonau's grapes drying or the vinification of the same with the classic champenoise method.

The corporate image, a stylized mountain, is inspired by the San Pantaleo's Mounts, which strongly characterize the Arzachena's landscape.

In addition to the classic wines must also remember the Passito di Vermentino and Cannonau.

Vigne Surrau is located in locations Chilvagghja SP in Arzachena

Cantina dates back more than thirty years ago. Land not far from Arzachena on which there are the Capichera's vineyards , were owned by the family since the nineteenth century, although at that time were sent for grazing livestock. In the 70's were planted new Vermentino vines thus creating a quality production.

Among its best wines in addition to the Vermentino we must not forget the Carignano.

Cantina Capichera is located on the SS125 from Arzachena continuing in the direction of San Antonio di Gallura.
From Arzachena we move towards Luras, a small village lying in the high Gallura on a hill on the Limbara's upland to 508 m asl. Formerly with the name of Villa Luras or Oppidum Luris it was part of the five colonies founded by the Etruscans on the island , mentioned for the first time in the Carta Pisana in 1300, which listed all the Giudicato's villas , according to which Luras was in  the Curatonia di Josso's territory. In 1839 reaches a certain economic well-being, due to many businesses development: it is in this period that the Luras' people begin selling in all over the island their typical products ranging from berrittas, ancient male costume's headgear , the cork to the famous wine.


The more important territory's winery is the Cantina Depperu , whose vineyards have an area of about 15 hectares divided between Vermentino and Nebbiolo, located approximately at 400 meters above sea level. The grapes quality is considered excellent both for its ideal location on the terrain and climate and for the low grapes production per hectare.

The top wine is the Ruinas, a white IGT Colli del Limbara produced exclusively from Vermentino grapes; between the reds the most important is the Kabaradis, an IGT wine Nebiolo of the Colli del Limbara.

Cantina Depperu is located in Luras in Location Sas Ruinas.


Returning to Olbia you can stop at the Cantina Pedres, probably one of the oldest wineries in the area, owned by the Mancini family.

The vineyards from which the grapes come, are located in the Gallura's heart and specifically in the Monti's and Calangianuss municipalities, at an altitude of about 300 m asl, where the terrain's natural features and mild climate create an exceptional blend to the screws cultivation .

The Cantina Pedres offers many wines from classic Vermentino, Cannonau and Colli del Limbara to sparkling wine such as Vermentino Brut and Vermentino Brut Rosé.

Cantina Pedres is located in the industrial area wk. 7 to Olbia

Departure from Olbia to Arzachena 27 km  
From Arzachena to Luras 35 km
From Luras to Olbia 38 km TOT 100