Archaeological museum of Olbia

History through remains

The archaeological Museum of Olbia is located in Peddone island, just in front of the harbour.

The archaeological Museum of Olbia is located in Peddone island, just in front of the harbour.

A representative place, because in the museum  there are several remains coming from the sea and because the palace was designed, from the local architect Giovanni Maiocco, like a moored ship and whit the windows in the form of porthole.


The museum has various technical details, so the exposition is interactive and modern. There are two miniature  that show the city and the harbour in Roman time, two sections of Roman ships and several 3D big panel whom show the most rapresentativs Roman ships and a HD video to show the Vandals attack to Olbia during roman time.


The visit start in the ground floor where you can see the remains of the Roman ships coming from excavation work to build the existing tunnel beside the harbour which correspond to ancient docking. In the first floor the show goes on with the remains coming from the ancient city and the Gallura region from the origins to the XX century.