From Cannonau to Moscato

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At the Mount Limbara's foot in the Gallura's heart, which is also the cultural center, is located Tempio Pausania, called by the ancient Romans Gemellae.

From Cannonau to Moscato

At the Mount Limbara's foot in the Gallura's heart, which is also the cultural center, is located Tempio Pausania, called by the ancient Romans Gemellae, renowned for working cork and granite, which characterizes its palaces construction , markedly similar to the southern Corsica's constructions . Even the roads are very special, all paved in granite.

Tempio Pausania is also famous for other deep-rooted traditions such as Carnival, the thermal water sources and for its vineyards, which gave rise to the wine production , made famous in the first place from Vermentino and Moscato, but not only.

Among the Tempio Pausania's major wine producers, we remember the wine company Cantina Gallura, where the rigorous selection systems, the modern vinification and aging processes in barrels or in barriques, give rise to wines of high quality level with organoleptic characteristics in tune with the customers' changing tastes and needs.


The winery's flagship is "Vermentino di Gallura," only wine in Sardinia to be awarded, since 1996, of the aspired Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin. The five typical products Canayli and Genesis (in the Superior type), Piras, Gemellae and Mavriana, all of excellent quality, are the most advanced technologies results. Alongside the indigenous crops, Vermentino, Cannonau, Moscato, Pascale, Caricagiola, members of the Cantina "Gallura" cultivate the "Nebbiolo," grape variety, the latter imported from Piedmont in 1700.
From these grapes vinification you get three quality wines, Karana, Dolmen and the new Luna Nova, which quickly imposed themselves to the the public's and the critics' attention.

In addition to wine producers we must not forget The Confraternita del Moscato di Tempio Pausania, that deals with information dissemination and promotion activity of all Gallura's and Sardinia's wines , through numerous initiatives in association with other gastronomic brotherhoods present in Sardinia such as the Confraternita del Nebbiolo di Luras, the Confraternita del Vermentino di Berchidda, the Confraternita del Vermentino di Gallura di Monti and the Confraternita del Nepente Oliena.

Through a path of a few miles, we move from Tempio Pausania towards Calangianus, a village set in a valley, almost protected by the surrounding mountains Lu Casteddu , Gaspareddu and Lu Colbu. The historic center is divided into a series of roads, of which the main paved in granite, with the oldest houses in stone, which are arranged around the parish church. Calangianus is the ideal place for walks through oak trees forests and breathtaking views, ranging from the Rio Razzucciu Valley at the White Mountains' foot, Li Conchi and Maratta. But the view also includes the beautiful islands Soffi, Tavolara and Mortorio .

Cantina Tondini is a young company; it was born in 2004 with the objective to produce high quality grapes and wines. The first year of wine production is related the grape harvest 2004. The vineyard covers 20 hectares divided between Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, Moscato and the high Gallura's grape varieties such as Gallura Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Dolcetto, Caricagiola and Cannonau. The vineyards are located in one of the areas most suitable for the Vermentino's maximum expression , at an altitude between 300 and 400 meters. above sea level, facing south-east; granitic soils and climate, with the temperature variations of also 25 ° C it constitute a real Terrorir wine. Among his most famous wines we have Karagnanj, a DOCG Vermentino Late harvest, Taroni, a Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Siddaiu, a red Colli del Limbara IGT and Lajcheddu Isola dei Nuraghi Moscato Passito.

Cantina Tondini is located in Via Sassari in Calangianus.


Azienda Vinicola Tamponi is definitely the longest of Gallura, but also the first in Sardinia in sparkling moscato with " methodChampagne" method. In 1929 began the sparkling wine production, using three excellent varieties, the Tokai, Vermentino and the Ritagliato, and applying the classical method.

The vineyards are located in location Riccinu Manisfalata in Calangianus.

Returning to Olbia you can stop at the Cantina , probably one of the oldest wineries in the area, owned by the Mancini family. The vineyards are located in the Gallura's heart _ specifically in the Monti's Calangianus' municipalities, at an altitude of about 300 m asl, where the terrain's natural features and mild climate create an exceptional blend to the vines cultivation.

The Cantina offers many wines from classic Vermentino, Cannonau Colli del Limbara to sparkling wine such as Vermentino and and Vermentino Brut Rosé.

Cantina Pedres is located in the industrial area sett.7 in Olbia

From Olbia to Tempio Pausania 45 km
From Tempio Pausania to Calangianus 9.5 km
From Calangianus to Olbia 34 km

TOT 88.5 km