Purchase terms for prepaid packages

Conditions for prepaid rates

Conditions for the purchase of prepaid packages or prepaid rates.

Conditions for the purchase of prepaid packages or prepaid rates.

This package or tariff is subject to the following conditions
  • This rate is only valid if purchased up to 3 days before to arrival.
  • You need a credit card to make a reservation.
  • Upon receipt of the reservation your credit card will be charged an amount equal to the total amount of the booked stay.
  • If the card issuing company will deny authorization the reservation will be automatically placed in Waiting Confirmation Status. At that point, our staff will contact you to get a new card number or to request a prepayment in other ways. Such prepayment may be made by money order or bank according to the instructions supplied by us.
  • This is a discounted rate at which further discounts or conventions are not applicable.
  • The rooms are available from 2.00 pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 am on day of departure, unless otherwise indicated.
  • You can bring in some types of dedicated rooms and with a supplement, small animals.

  • This rate does not allow cancellations or changes.
  • This discounted rate does not provide for the possibility of cancellation. In the event that a cancellation is necessary we remember that the amounts paid are not refundable.
  • You can also subscribe to our service Guarantee of Reservation (described below) that allows you to cancel for serious reasons and to obtain refund of the amounts paid.


If you need further information please contact us at:

e-mail: info@villadelconteolbia.it
Phone: (+39) 0789 24 409
Fax: (+39) 0789 24 409


Book Guaranteed

Ospitalità del Conte Hotel & SPA offers a Reservation Guarantee service through a partner of  higest level, Allianz insurances. The service ensures the refound of amounts actually paid if it is necessary, for serious reasons, to cancel a reservation outside the terms of the deposit and cancellation policy specific to a rate or a package.

Applicable Conditions

Guarantee booking service is called Booking Protection and it is developed to add serenity to your stay. Below is a brief description of the coverages.


Booking cancellation

(maximal € 10,000 for practice)


Confirmatory deposit refund following
  • illness, accident or death:
    • of the insured or a family member
    • of the traveling companion as long as insured on the same practice
    • of the Partner / co-owner of the company or the insured person's associated studio
  • Inability to enjoy of holidays planned as a result of dismissal, job suspension  (layoff, mobility) of the insured or his/her new employment
  • material damage as a result of fire, burglary or adverse weather conditions that affect the insured's assets or the premises where he/she conducts its commercial, professional or industrial activity, that may require his/her presence
  • Summons to appear before the court as a witness or popular judge
  • convocation for the adoption of a child
  • Accident to the vehicle within 48 hours before the start of the stay


Stay interruption:

Pro-rata refund of the stay not enjoyed (max 50% of the stay cost ) for interruption due to:

  • Insured's medical repatriation 
  • Early return due to death or illness with imminent danger of death of a family member
    • Material damage as a result of fire, burglary or adverse weather conditions affecting the insured's property or the premises where he/she conducts its commercial, professional or industrial activity, that may require his/her presence


Delayed arrival:

Repayment in case of late arrival at the place of the stay for reasons not caused by the insured that occurred during the trip to reach the hotel, of:

  • meals and accommodation costs (up to 20% of the stay cost with a maximum limit of € 500)
  • any additional costs required to reach the accommodation


booking protection Allianz


prepayment protection Allianz


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