San Paolo church

The first parish of the city

 The San Paolo Church is easily identifiable among the Olbia's city skyline, thanks to its beautiful and unmistakable dome covered by colored majolicas.

San Paolo church

The San Paolo Church is easily identifiable among the buildings of the Olbia's city centre, thanks to its beautiful and unmistakable dome entirely covered by colored majolicas and its location in the highest place of the old town, along a side street of Corso Umberto I.

The first structure of the church, built on the remains of an ancient pagan roman temple, probably dedicated to Hercules, it dates back to Middle Ages, it has been built in a typical gallurese style and till 1954 was the only parish in Olbia.

The researchers think that San Paolo Church, thanks to its proximity to the Giudicale castle, was the Palatine Chapel of the kings of Gallura region and their place of burial.

In support of this hypothesis there is a recently discover done in the underground of the church. Archaeologists have found two crypts with the remains of  local important families.

In the first half of the last century the church was restored and expanded, and  today has a Latin cross plant with central nave, apse and dome in correspondence of transept.

The internal decorations are in Baroque style, but something was added in the 60s  by the local artist Alberto Sanna who frescoed  the Resurrezione e angeli musicanti in the apse, the Via Crucis along the side walls and illustration of Sacramenti in the internal dome. 

Some antiques elements such as: the main altar, the marble balustrade,  the sandals and the crown of the Virgin Mary and  the wood choir are perfectly preserved.

The facade and the bell tower are made by granite of the local region.