Wine and DOC music

A toast to Jazz

Berchidda is located on the Monte Limbara's southern slope in the mountainous Gallura center. First settlements in the area date back to prehistoric times.

Wine and DOC music

Berchidda is located on the Monte Limbara's southern slope  in the mountanious Gallura's center. The first settlements in the area date back to prehistoric times, as evidenced by the many monuments including some necropolis in Domus de Janas , dolmens and nuraghis. The village's historic center , with its steep streets, shows an alternation between neo-classical and Art Nouveau mansions and villas with spacious garden.

From the main square you can enjoy a unique view overlooking the valley below and Mount Acuto. Despite being a small country, Berchidda has much to offer, thanks to the event Time in Jazz organized by its illustrious citizen, Paolo Fresu, a musician who has taken the first steps with the band of the country and today become a world-renowned trumpeter.


The area is rich in crops, particularly vineyards, which produce the famous Vermentino di Gallura. Precisely for this in Bechidda is also the Museo del Vino-Regional Enoteca of Sardinia, which with a very special exhibition traces the viticulture history , exhibiting objects relating to the grapes and wine processing, including tanks in granite still used _ in Gallura, very similar to those found in nuraghis.

From Berchidda we head towards Monti a small village that is located in the region of Monte Acuto on the hills on the border between the Gallura and Logudorese. In the Monti's area is the Sa Turrida lookout, from which it has an exceptional  Tavolara's  and Mount Limbara's views, continuing up to the lake Coghinas. The village is surrounded by cork and maquis forests, on a mainly granitic territory, which provides a natural habitat to the excellent territory's varieties , whose grapes give life to the famous Vermentino, a symbol of Gallura, Sardinia's only wine to have the DOCG

Among the country's largest Vermentino's producers we remember Masone Mannu, Cantina del Vermentino di Monti.


Masone Mannu, which means large property , expresses all the power and the wealth of its 60 hectares of vineyards characterized by the myrtle and juniper scents, by colors and by the surrounding atmosphere. A constant breeze coming from the sea helps to create an ideal microclimate for the vines located in granitic soils , thus strengthening their peculiarities. The most important wines are Vermentino, Cannoanu, Carignano Bovale Sardo and Malvasia.

Masone Mannu is located in Su Canali in Monti.

La Cantina del Vermentino di Monti collects all the major manufacturers in the area. Among its wines are certainly to remember Arakena, Vermentino di Gallura DOCG higher.

La Cantina del Vermentino di Monti is located in Via San Paolo in Monti No. 2


Returning to Olbia you can make one last stop at Teneute Olbios , whose story began three generations ago, when the current owner's grandfather decides to capitalize on the family property, cultivating those lands and giving life to one of the first area's industrial "stazzi " , with the intent to process and market the products of the earth. The factory has been the subject of a restoration strongly conservative and that is where the grapes are transformed yet. Among its best wines are "Lupus in Fabula" and "In Vino Veritas" both from Vermentino grapes, "Nessuno", a red Colli del Limbara and "Bisso" a sparkling white wine VSQPRD.
The company is located in Via Loiri n ° 83 locations Venafioritia Box 1342 in Olbia.

From Olbia to Berchidda 37 km
From Berchidda to Monti 16 km
From Monti to Olbia 24 km
TOT 77 km